Bellagio art and paintings local artist Fumagalli Mariangela

For the first time ever, Mariangela Fumagalli, italian artist from Bellagio, Lake Como,
known for her paintings particularly those of Bellagio and its surounding areas
is exhibiting her work on the internet for the new millennium

Take the opportunity to view her much appraised works and enjoy her interpretation of scenes and viewsfound only around the area of the Lake of Como, considered by many to be one of the most beautiful corners of the world.

Her art - work it's present in private collections in U.S.A.,New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Austria, Belgium, France,Holland, Germany, England, South Africa, Norway, Mexico, Italy, Denmark and Switzerland

Via Bellosio, 10
22021 - Bellagio - Como
Art Studio:
Salita Mella 3
Ph. 031 951130
22021 - Bellagio - Como
fax & Ph. 031 950 560