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Here how to try if you are fit enough

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A Tour studied for all the people with passion, A tour that will try your fitness.

The start from Bellagio, will take you to the little town of Nesso, following the Lake road, a flat road to warm you up.

From Nesso, the climb will take you to Sormano, passing through Zelbio, about 1000m. that will let you breathless, than you come down the mountain untill Barni, ready for the second climb, Madonna del Ghisallo, a famous climb that will take you up to the church.

From Ghisallo then , back to Bellagio passing through Civenna and Guello.

Total Kms 58, you will needa medium fit.


Tombasz Renato c/o gelateria il Sorbetto22021 Bellagio Como


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