Jewels setting in 18 kt gold with cathedral glass cameos, pearls and precious stones.

Antique jewels setting in 18 kt yellow and pink gold with multicolors volcanic lava cameos and corals.

Multicolors enamel bracelets and rings setting in 18 kt gold, or sterling silver

Jewels and watch setting in bright sterling silver and diamond design Pianegonda.

Soft multicolors felt rings realized just for our store.

Specials rings setting in bronze, brass and burnish sterling silver with rutilate quartz, tormaline and acquamarine.

Limited edition pieces hand made by burnish iron and sterling silver.
Amazing rings hand carved in rares shells with crystals, precious stones and gold nuggets.

Corner Shop is Also:

Different historical period rapresented in a chess collection hand painted

Wide selection of colored elegant glasses decorated with genuine gold.

Limited edition numbered ceramic pieces decorated by hand with different subject and genuine gold details.