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Dec 15

Window seat please....Chapter 1

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  Aveva Passato una settimana nera

nei preparativi del viaggio

perche' a mano a mano che si avvicinava l'ora

gli si decomponeva la disposizione dell'animo.



Garcia Marquez - Cien Anos de soledad


After weeks lost undecided about my travel, and off course the fear about the future, I left on new roads.

Somehow hasn't been easy to leave, after three years of Denmark, three years of sacrifice and friends, you don't really feel to go at the end...even if you need to change.

Sometimes you reach the point where you dream about different places and different things....and at the end I really felt that I need it.

At the airport the most important farewell, a really friendly hug that I can only compare to the one that I received long ago from the person that I really miss, one of the most important in my life. That person gave me the push forward, because I could feel that anyway, once back, somebody would be there for me.

So, eleven hours of flight, eleven hours alone. Not easy, million of thinking and liters of beer and whisky...Like always.

An arrive into a big airport, different people a news for me.

Long waiting for Mark, another one very important for me, I owe him my last month in Denmark as I owe him some of his famous soup.

Bangkok: hot, big, chaotic, polluted, strange, interesting...

Taxi to the city, first time abused in the city...

Hotel, second time abused...

OK, we went to Thailand without organizing a thing, not ready could be worst. We survived.

Kho Samui: an Island that usually you see on pictures, usually you can't believe that this places are real. The weather on the Island had been beautifully hot, the beach something in memory far away...good holiday.

The first two weeks had been very important, a good push forward, a good way of start a long journey.

Back to Bangkok for my last week, Mark left and I had to realize that my time had come.

The city is pretty good, except the chaos and the pollution, the people are very nice and friendly, the market is and experience, and the place can easily be relaxing.

You can meet people from all over, and everybody is enjoining full power. I personally loved the FLOATING MARKET, the place is outside the city, in the country, and there you meet the real Thai culture, this people are always ready to smile at you...No worries.

Thailand is a place where I'm sure I'll come back in that moment I'll try to see more of the place, more as a traveler than a tourist.

I suggest you a good holiday on one of the Islands...a good break.

Tomorrow I'm going to be in Australia and there is going to be another feeling, the place where I started almost five years ago, the place that thought me English ( I know it could be better, at least it's better than my Danish) and above all, the place that showed me how to travel.

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