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Jan 16

Vegemite on toast..... Chapter 2

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 After all of this, I came to the point

where I needed solitude and just stop

the machine of "thinking"

and enjoying what they call "living".

I just wanted to lie in the grass at the clouds.



Lonesome Traveler - Jack Kerouac


I tell you people has been hard to fly out off Thailand, I have been drinking all night in Bangkok and after only one hour sleep, I started drinking on the plane... good way of travel, I can tell.

Finally It has been Australia, had been fantastic, the feeling that I could get had been hiding in me for long time, at the costumes I felt flying, like if I was back home again. Waiting me at the airport, my good friends and VB, my favorite local beer, good to be back, on the piss again!?!?!

The next day in the warm sun of summer I could smell the taste of life, the warm one that I definitely miss, Sydney, one of my favorite places on earth.

Australia, great people and great friends. BBQ at night, time to meet other people, the surfers and the alcoholics, just fantastic.

Only one and half day In Australia though, had been a shame, I could enjoy more time on my favorite Island.

Six O'clock, airplane to Auckland, New Zealand, other place other Hangover, the worst one ever, on the plane I felt like a swedish on the boat back to Malmoe....(It says everything).

Auckland, big city. I stop at the first Hostel that I found and there I stayed for three days; I enjoyed walking around the city, eating meet pie and recovering from Beer.

After my few days in Auckland, I went down south to meet: Richard and Karen, other side of the world to meet the same people, it could sound strange.

After a few nights on the piss (again), we went to Richard's parents house... a very good Christmas, lots of food and a just a little bit of beer....

It has been good to try the Kiwi Christmas and the typical food of the season. I felt like home thanks to them.

We decided to travel up to the north beaches of NZ, A New Year's eve in the sun, the second one for me.

Napier, a little town on the east coast, one of the first one in the world to see the sun. At new year's eve we could not find the champagne and we had not fireworks, a pretty different way of spending the night, sure opposite from the one that I spend at the Old English.

New year's day at been a very relaxing moment, only beer and wine, we just opened bottles all the way till the New Year in USA....Non stop marathon that finished at three at night.

After a fast visit to the north part of the Island we end up in Rotorua, the smelliest place on earth, Thermal area and volcanic site; we tried the thermal pools, the temperature of the water goes from about 38 up to 46 Celsius, a good relaxing day that help the recovering of the body and just heal the skin, now we are so beautiful (!?!?!).

As last day with Richard's father's camper, we went to Tongariro National Park and there, we climb up one of the Vulcan till we reached the snow, the time didn't allowed us to get to the top, we were running late so, we just walk our way down and than we went back home.

A good week traveling, not very much time to spend in each place, but very nice anyhow, I really enjoyed the north Island.

Richard and Karen (sorry for them), had to come back home, and so, I just moved forward to my next destination...the South Island.

Picton is the first place you are reaching with the ferry, a nice little town just beside the see, nice walks and good tramping places.

I tried my luck and I walked for about ten km on one of the track...

almost dead, too much for a fat buddha like me.

After Picton I moved down to the east coast and then, I just cut in direction of the west one, more spectacular and a little bit colder.

I traveled with this Scoots guy for about three days, we went to see the Seals on the coast and then, we climbed one of the Glaciers that you meet on the coast, we enjoyed the cold breath on the Ice. A good experience I would say.

Finally after all the movements, I decided to stop in Wanaka, one of the lake of NZ, very close to that lake of Como were I come from, warm and clear, lots of nature all around and again, millions of tramping track. In Wanaka I abused of my body, I tramped for about 60 km in three day, I am turning into an healthy person. I basically stop drinking....and that's a shock.

Now I am in Queenstown, the capital of the Adrenaline rush, the capital of all the activities, the capital of Bungy Jumping.

Tomorrow, Monday the 18 there I am going to work at the bungy site on the raft, I received a very good deal, I am going to do three jumps from the platform, I am going to experience again the fly with the elastic.

Seven weeks of traveling at the moment, nice.

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