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Hitchhike new zealand

Feb 05

Hitchhike New Zealand.... Chapter 3

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 A soul in tension that's learning to fly

Condition grounded but determinated to try


There is no sensation to compare with this

Suspended animation a state of bliss


Learning to fly - Pink Floyd


Queenstown...what a bargain....

Bungy is still a good sensation, I still enjoy every minute of it, it turns the blood into your veins hot, it's a kind of flying sensation. Not 3 but 6 jumps, a very good discount, I enjoyed working with those people for two days, the whole time had been interesting, I got to try the different jump you can name (elevator, forward, backward, climbing), different feeling all the way.

During all the jumps, only one thing went wrong...they give me a tea bag: after the water touch they let you go into the water again and again and again and again......horrible feeling I tell you.

I'll do bungy again anyhow.

So it has been 4 days in Queenstown and then back on the road.

The hitch hasn't been long, forty minute waiting in the heat of a very hot summer are worth the trip to Mildford Sound, one of the best places I ever been, the fiords of this part of New Zealand are spectacular, impressive, they leave you breathless. I went Kayaking in the morning with a guy called Rosco (hey), another local kiwi that found his peace in one of the best part of the country. Long time spent sailing on the calm water, trees and seals all around, relaxing place with no equals.

One night spent for a different experience, after camping for very cheap I got to pack all again 'cause the wind blowed my tent away... it never happened to me before...different I would say, I never felt such a strong wind before in my life!

So from Mildford to Invercargill and then Bluff, the two most southern parts of NZ, cold wind but still summer.

At Invercargill I met Jeremy, an English guy that gave me a long ride through the south part of the Island, a good experience for me that gave me time to think a lot, I got time to put together all my Ideas ready to start finally.

We drove through the Catlins, a fantastic road that follows all the south-east part of the island, an incredible view of the Pacific Ocean and of Stewart Island, the trip took about three days and I really enjoyed all of them.

Off the Catlins we reach Dunedin. Another great spot shown before my eyes, different animals, Penguins (Yellow eyed ones), Sea Lions, Albatross. Animals that I never see before outside a zoo. See them wandering around in their habitat is a different thing, much more natural than see them in a stupid cage.

From Dunedin we went to Mount Cook passing through Oamaru, Other Penguins this time the little blue ones, we woke up at four just to watch them running to sea before the Sunrise, nice.

Mount Cook enormous, great, spectacular, great tramping area a good relaxing place where to get back into yourself, fresh air for your lungs and mind; four days spent beside the snow of the glaciers, walking all day to enjoy the views from all the different angles.

From Mount Cook we moved to the Lake Tekapo to enjoy the view from Mt.John, another great walk I would say.

Last Two days with Jeremy, on the way to Mt. Somers, a overnight tramping to taste in all its parts, a more or less five hours tramping to reach one of the two hut (small cottage with beds for the Trampers), a steep road that make you sweat out all the salt you can have in your body but worth the effort....

The first overnight tramping for me, a good experience again, nice and warm place, a wooden stove to boil the billy (the water never boiled, we tried anyhow), a good place to have dinner and play Backgammon.

The walk back started at ten and in about three hours we found ourselves back on the road for the last trip together, two different ways were to be, him on the way to Arthur's pass and me on the way to Christchurch (what a name), we said good bye in the middle way and so I followed my road again.

Now it's Christchurch, a nice city I would say a sort off European looking (like the other big cities), pleasant and calm.

I have to admit that in those months that divide me from DK I doubted that I was still able to travel, able so, to enjoy again life on the road.

I passed through many situations that didn't leave me the time to think properly about my journey. I thought many times about quitting everything to come back to the same old city of Copenhagen....

Now, instead, I feel ready, I did come back as bad as before, I still love the wind and the sweat of the skin after a long tramp, I still love the sun, but above all, I love to meet people as I love to wander.

Hitching NZ gave me the push that I was waiting to restart again, a kind of reset button on a counter.

Now I don't really think that I will stop, I can't wait South America, I can't wait to the next trip, finally I am getting to the place where I wished to be for long time. I am still riding the horse (not the one that you think Mark!!!, SHLLLLL).

Today the sun is shining on this fantastic Country on this fabulous summer.

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