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Dreams to follow

dreams to follow

Mar 25

South America is only a bin away.... Chapter 4

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Thinking of the stars night after night I begin to realize:

" The stars are words "

and all the innumerable worlds in the milky way are words, and so

It's this world too.

And I realize that no matter where I am,

Whenever in a little room full of thoughts or in this

endless universe of stars and mountains,

it's all in my mind.


Lonesome Traveler - Jack Kerouac


It's a sort of coming back to the near past, when I was working in Copenhagen, different kind of job but, same amount of hours. I remember after work, coming out of SCALA ( a Danish mall in the center of town), there was a man outside that was begging for money : KUN TIL ØL, the sign was saying, he was asking money ONLY FOR BEER...What a way. I remember once I bought a pint of local beer to feed the thirsty man,

I loved the honesty of that guy.

Long time since Israel, what a feeling. I found myself stacking boxes as I was doing five years ago, the same job in a similar environment, different people. This time for money, not volunteer as on the kibbutz. The same job for two different experiences:

The first to learn a living among true people, sharing life and days in a big community without the need of money.

The second to keep on traveling, learning other things and other things to remember in my memories forever.

Wake up at dawn; see the light of the early hours ; walking on the fresh dew of the first morning, through the grass of a green field. Feeling the first light of the day on your skin, long time spent concentrated on your work. Focusing on your time, on your future, try to run your thoughts through the mud of the orchard; it's a wet day today, rain is falling like a water fall on your head: Time, Thoughts, Day, Future, Me, Travelling....Life.

I know why I stated traveling again, a sort of search, a sort of lost and found, a need to find again the will power, my self confidence...myself somehow.

Three years of Denmark, I was losing the part of me that has always been strong, my self been, another person maybe, the same in almost all the parts, the same way of acting but different way of been into my soul, into my heart.

Nothing to blame on Copenhagen, everything has to be blamed on me, working at night it's not the best thing especially if you are not prepared. Don't get me wrong, I loved the nights that I have been spending at the Old English Pub, drinking to life and listening to music. It has been an unforgettable time for me. nights passed so fast on our souls...Roger Waters was giving us the sound of the sad final summer's days.

The only thing that went wrong in all this situation, had been my reaction to it, I let myself be transported on the river of the night...FLOATING AWAY.

I opened my heart for the real first time probably and then I got hurt!

Everybody passed this sort of situation before me and many people will be there after, the game is the same all Domino, you spend your time to put up your pieces and just a little bit of wind it's enough to start the falling!

Game or life - I can call it as you like but it's going to be the same though.

Metallica says: AND THE ROAD BECOMES MY BRIDE...I would call it girlfriend.

I knew that there was a meaning into my traveling: if you travel for a point, or to say it easily, with a reason, you'll have a good chance to touch the sun with your fantasy and at night, you'll sleep with the moon at your feet, a light that will guard your dreams and desires.

I'm getting back what I have lost long time ago - My self confidence!

I am planing my life again, this time seriously, this time there is a sort of goal to reach...a price.

South america Is only a Bin away, thousands of apples in my sack, thousands of apples in my hands, future could be an apple this days for me: a Red Delicious, or just a Granny Smith, different taste like different thoughts, many plans and maybe million of other changes. I'll see, tomorrow, maybe the wind will blow in a different way and I will change my mind again.

Still on the road and every day more convinced about myself.

I still have to thank somebody in Copenhagen, without that person I would have had millions of trouble, you know what I mean, call you day and night just to send me a took its time but worked at the end.

Thanks. I'll always be there for you as you have been there for me when I need it.

I always had a bad idea about Danish people, I never understood why; probably because I met the wrong people in the beginning, I needed new people and new friends to make me change my mind, thanks to all of you...I was wrong. The latest friends turned up to be the greatest.

The weather is changing, autumn is coming, almost time to wear the jacket again, I'm not used anymore to this kind of stuff. Sun will be back. I will follow it till the end of the year...

Till the end of the world.

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