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Singing for life

singing for life

May 07

And you ask me why I'm singing.... Chapter 5

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 I've spent my life watching sky

and sea change color

Hypnotized by the beauty of it all

And you ask me why I'm singing

Well it's good for me,

It can be good for you.


Good for you - Hothouse Flowers


The time is flying at this point, it seems only yesterday the day that I left, it seem only yesterday my last day working at the Old English and instead: more than five months are gone.

I am still in New Zealand. I was supposed to stay here for a month and instead, I spent a never-ending time picking apples for the money, as I spent time thinking for my soul. Seems a million year passed between the cold of the Danish winter and the hot of the Kiwi sunny summer; the time is changing again though, now it's time for the Kiwi winter to freeze the water at night, and it's time for the Danish sun to undress the women of Copenhagen, it's time to drink a cold beer in the square on Sunday, eating a PØLSER after a good night on the piss (a good sausage after a havy night drinking). The sun is coming back on Europe, the sun of the summer, when all the birds are singing and when the sing of their voices, takes you around the world, without the need of wings.

I got fantastic time, I spent a great deal of time with this great people, and even if I hate the apples, it won't change anything toward those sunny country. People asked me, why South America is only a Bin Away? I was working under contract picking, so, if you want to make money, you have to pick as much as you can, a bin is worth between 25 and 30 NZ$, 430 kg of apples for about 120 Danish Kr..... It can be havy I have to admit.

I still loved the time spent among the apple trees: cold, warm, hot, rain...Everyday you have to wake up and push through the day, you have to make your day be worth the effort. And so I did. Even the last day had been great, threes and the land were frosen, the frost on the apple gave a new light to the work in the field, you can't immagine how really is if you are not there.

I saved what I was looking for, a good help for my travel and future, the time spent here gave me trust in myself, I do believe in a few chances for me. I'll start a new Business very soon, a Web Company, based in New Zealand. Building pages and Data Bases around the world....It's time to try now, I wasted already too long, lost in my mind.

Very soon it's going to be Australia, and then as most of my people knows, South America will show before my eyes, like the sun comes up in the morning as the roster wakes up. You are rubbing the dreams of the night off your eyes and there you are, a new day starts on the clouds of your mind, and you just need to fly with it.

I met so many people in these months:

Glenny the top man. The true Kiwi spirit, a help full person and a very good friend, one of the many that I will always remember; even if he left me alone in the orchard without shifting my bin, he was there to do that, you don't have to loose time walking in direction of the bin, a good position of the bin is your secret.... Back in five minutes he would say....Thanks Glenny! At least we drunk is own brewed, his beer is one of the most strange I ever tried.

Daren and his bloody computer that needs to be fixed: I want windows 98 on my computer and the Internet ! Your computer it's too small mate, you can't put on it everything you want....Why???? Hours burned for it but still have to wait!

Julie. We can make the Internet, and everything you wish off. I am late, let's talk about Later. I was joking Julie, your brain it's not only 7 centimeter.....probably it reaches 10 or 12...

What about the rest, great deal of people: Geordie, Ben, Steve, Ann, John, Shane and all the others.

It's weird to write something to end a part of your life, a chapter that will help you to turn the page of your memories, a page that will be stored in a part of your brain that you'll use sometimes. A good part of memories. There is always a end, almost to everything you see, as the flower dies after the summer, as the apples are picked after the season, you have to go on changing your fields.

The day it's hot today even if it's almost winter, the sun in shining again on everybody, no complain about the weather in this corner of the world, we wish that everywhere it's like this. That's why I am singing. I do feel great in this moment of my "Be alive", I hope to all of you to feel good as I do in this moment of traveling.

So I am waiting for another day to come to open my wings to fly on the clouds of my clear skies.

Have a great Summer.

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