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Prons and cons...

chapter 6

May 07

Prons and cons of Hitchhiking.. Chapter 6

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In truck stops and hamburger joints

In Cadillac limousines

In the company of has-beens

And bent-backs

And sleeping forms on pavement steps

In libraries and railway stations

In books and banks

In the pages of history

In suicidal cavalry attacks

I recognize...

Myself in every stranger's eyes


Every stranger eyes - Roger Waters


You do recognize yourself sometimes in other people faces, other people eyes, and so, you realize that everybody has struggle, as you have, and everybody can be happy, as you can be. There are things that I can't focus, and I know that many people feels the same sometimes but still, this time I am in that situation, that's why I am around, to try and feel the differences that are hiding into my mind. Some people probably are thinking that I am saying lots of bull shit, what to say, that's the way I am especially at the moment.

Traveling it's going fine, I am still keep on trucking, the weather it's great and the people are superb, you can't really ask more in this place, easy to feel home in every corner you are touching around the area.

New Zealand had been a sort of surprise for me. I came with the idea of a short stay and instead, almost five months are gone, long time I would say. Time it's flying now, I can't believe that I already been around for a half year, today it's a sort of anniversary for me, six month away from the country that I feel like my own, my home somebody would say. I felt a kind of home sick today and I called a few people, persons that I really have to thank, for they support and friendship, it had been nice to spend sometime on the phone with them, back to memories. I often find myself in situations that takes me back to moments that I loved, and so, I start laugh on my own, it's a good feeling, memories are good, I would not enjoy as much as I do if sometimes I don't think to the past. I think that past can easily help you toward the future.

Summer it's coming to you, how does it feel? The sun it's coming back to you. Here in Nelson (south Island of NZ), the weather it's fantastic, hot and sunny everyday, in four month I got about a week of rain, not bad I would say. About 20 degree each day that it's passing, I can't believe that the weather can be so fine in some parts of the world. Strange autumn for me, I got use to the weather in DK, and now I am here in this kind of capital of the good sunshine.

Soon it's going to be time for holiday, traveling again I mean, Australia it's the next destination, drinking a bit more and moving a bit more…. At the moment I am spending hours looking at a computer and listening to music, working on the Internet it's taking my time, but I enjoy it anyway. The site it's almost fully functional, now I just need customers…will they come?

We'll wait and see.

South America it's on its way, can't believe it. I have been waiting such a long time and now I am on the way, I am in the right direction, Spanish, Peru', History, Sea, Cuba, Latin Country….Dreams.

Dreaming with open eyes, did you ever try it? I do it everyday, every moment; you can imagine the grass growing and the sea moving even in the desert, smell the air around a field full of flowers, even if you are surrounded by concrete….I am turning to sentimental probably, it's better if I stop for today. Been alone with yourself, can take you everywhere and nowhere, these are the Prons and cons of hitchhiking.

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