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chapter 7

You can check out any time of your life.... chapter 7

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You can check out any time you want

But you can never leave...

The eagles said about Hotel California


New Zealand, last day, last moment.What a end.

Back to Christchuch and than Sydney, time has come to move again, keep on traveling I should say. Had been a venture the last day in the country, all bags packed and off we go...

Waiting the driver has been a long run, we were supposed to leave at 1200, and with an easy driving we would get to the place in relax, she said! We left at 5 pm, a little late, nothing happened, but then,

100 km of driving and the car broke down in the middle of no where... Megg's revenge we thought (I didn't mean to do your puzzle!), lost all day for nothing, I got to get a plane early in the morning, 120 dollars spent on it, life it's hard I guess. 

A situation like this can be very annoying, you organize everything and a little problem can blow your plans.

I loved New Zealand, I enjoyed all the time spent here, good people and good friends, I guess I'll miss it somehow, I'll miss my name here: Jake, what a way, I got a weird name to pronounce so I change it every place I go to....

The Internet business it's running fine and now I just have to wait about it, time will tell. 

Now it's time to meet my Aussie friends again, having a few beers with them and than hangovers time to be recovered. Australia and probably the sun to feel hot again, probably Bungy Jumping again, and who know what else to come. I'll meet an Italian friend over there (Cecco), I'll reach the airport just a few hours before him, I'll keep the beer cold for his arrive. 

Travelling it's still going good and smooth. I'll have a whisky on you. 

Take care people and enjoy the summer, wherever you are.

Not you Julie....It's winter for you in New Zealand.

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