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Plane,Trains and Busses

chapter 8

Planes, trains and Busses...chapter 8

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Lindhberg - Letter from above the clouds.



As the wind blows on the earth, I found myself again on the road, I found myself wandering like the clouds do: slowly or fast, north or south...Everywhere.

As the sun it's coming up now showing dawn again, the light start to warm up the ground and me: here I am, riding again, this time heading north, on a greyhound bus, an exhausting trip that will take me to one of the places on earth, that still holds good part of my memories. Five years old memories.

The sun it's coloring the sky in a typical sun rise, one of the sign of nature that it's telling you how beautiful the world can be.

Cecco, my friend, it's sleeping in front; I guess that it's a very tyring holiday for him!

A great deal of memories to keep beside is everyday life, as I remember a great deal of things that passed before my eyes, that passed among my dreams of Cape Tribulation and Australia.

Not much time for us, to taste the full aroma of this wandering life, an experience that should be done with a restless soul without waiting too much....Just enjoy what the day brings you every moment.

About seven months of travelling at the moment, more than half year it's passed pretty fast, I moved very slow in my travel, I decided to change all my tickets to meet my needs and I am very happy about it, I still think to change them at the moment, more time in Australia would not be bad at all, especially if you are working, all to see at the moment, I'll decide as soon as my mind will give me the change, I am too busy living full on.


Have a great summer

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