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Chasing Ghosts

chapter 9

chasing gosts ... chapter 9

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Addio amico venuto dal passato per un momento appena,

addio giorni andati in un soffio, amici mai più incontrati;

s'ciao, giovinezza..

Guccini - Cencio


Memories, recalls and little stories, all remains into your mind like

trapped into a long beach of quicksand.

My two weeks of coming back to the past are almost gone, sitting on the sand

of one of my favourite places, the place that really gave me good memories,

the one that I remember into a full imagine into my mind. A Sort of Panorama

Postcard, a picture that gives you in one shot, all you need to remember

faces and situations of that movie where you acted as spectator and


As Captain Cook did hundreds of years before me, I did get stuck in Cape

Tribulation (North Quennsland - Australia), my ship doesn't want to leave

the reef, the beach...the people. Yes I do, I feel like I am chasing ghosts

up here, I am looking for the familiar faces of 6 years ago. The sun it's

shining upon the sky, I have to admit that I am really enjoying the winter

in the sun. Traveling still gives me a good boost, still the feeling of

movin' heals my mind or better still helps me remember.

The sound of the swimming pool, like the sound of the rain during those

summer's cyclones, while walking through the forest, you realize, how

beautiful your experience can be.

Walked again on Myall beach, Tonight I met everyone again, all the people

showed before my eyes, floating on the clouds in the sky. It had been good -

I needed it - It's good to feel memories walking in your mind, probably I

would feel it more if I was alone, but this time, it's not possible. There

is full moon above, madness it's in the air.

PK'S the Hostel where I worked for a month, the place that fed me for a

while, a good home.

Rob was here, he gave me the nick name that I still like to carry:

ANTIPASTO; do you remember Rob?

It was a good fun, cooking the barbeque by the pool....working for

was easy. Similar to the day that saw me working at the OLD ENGLISH PUB in

Denmark, Steve Asked me: would you like to work for a few beers? Yes I

said..It had been a good fun. I can't deny it, I got into the system thanks

to him..and my been thirsty.

Suntan again for me and will of traveling, that pumps into my body.

Have a great summer wherever you are. I do believe that the light, comes

even after the darkest night.


P.S. As a rich American Musician that lives in Denmark, would sing foryou...

I don't wanna I don't wanna I don't wanna Wait....To travel

a hug to Tom Dycus, the richest man in USA

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