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chapter 10

Walking on broken Glasses - back to reality..chapter 10

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Surprise. As a good dream often does...ends during the best part.

I was dreaming candy floss, a hot cup of the best Italian Coffee, a warm sunny beach; I met a fakir and with him, I decided to try walking on broken glasses; the faith inside my heart though hadn't been enough to sustain the shock, the pain that I felt so, woke me up and the jump that I made off my bed sent me back to reality.

Sydney Airport once again, this time for a long Journey, back to my home land - stopping traveling this way it's very unpleasant but has to be. Called by my heart and pushed by my brain, the body has to follow the decision; everything it's like when you try to pull a kid out of a toy store. Bought the ticken in a rush, out in a spark!

Australia this time had been a bit stressful, took a bus from Sydney up to the Gold Coast; Byron Bay the first stop: a magic and relaxed place, a good beach where to touch this winter sun. Not long and off to Brisbane and Airlie Beach, another fantastic place for a good holiday, I tried diving again among the corals, the water warm had been a great feeling...22 C°.

Bus again - Cairns. The trip had been a venture: three hours dealy, a rotten bus not able to handle a long way like the one that we were going to drive. Hours and hours of doing nothing, a long waiting to reach the price....a big hostel's mess - late and pushed around like two big Morons! A terrible feeling. A major headache that disappear only with my usual Adrenalin Rush.... Bungy again, this time only two, I become good in getting good bargains - No Worries.

One day and back up to the very far north Queensland - Cape Tribulation, as you read and probably imagined the place that I think everybody should see, was still untouched, a sort of heaven on earth, a sort of dreamland with the sky above.

After four days on the beach then, the holiday ended. Cairns to Sydney home again.

From Cairns to Sydney by bus, a 46 hours trip that takes you to the edge of madness, if you try to do it in a week!

Don't do what "I did", don't try to do a fast trip over a never ending land, take your time, breathe the air around you, touch the grass under your feet, scream from the top of your hill and look down to the other people, try to don't look like the ones that don't smile to the clouds. Better look foolish than be sad.

The weather during this Australian winter had been not as good as I aspected but as you can imagine, not everyday can be summer!

Now second of July, the clock comes back to the time that I left seven months ago, back to Europe, summer time - Bellagio (ITA) again, almost a year had passed since the last time that so me there - What should I say...Se la Vie.

I have to thank all the people that helped me in those months and off course I hope to see you as soon as I can. Back to Australia as soon as the winter arrives in Europe. There is only a thing that really bothered me though, I could not say good bye to somebody very closed to me, everything happened so fast that I could not plane anything, Sorry.

Italy, unlucky time to pass through, a very difficult moment to handle with my mind fully focused, a very hoy summer to watch pass by, 35 C°. See you sometimes.

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